ABSUTH did not loose 12 patients following Osisioma Pipeline explosion

The story being circulated by some heartless and obviously ignorant individuals that Aba State Universty Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH) Aba received and lost 12 patients following the unfortunate Osisioma pipeline explosion is FALSE.

ABSUTH received a total of 5 patients and as at my last check we sadly lost 4 of them. Among the 5 were the couple burnt in their sleep at home in Umuimo Osisioma. Obviously they were not scooping fuel or vandalizing any pipeline.

For those conversant with Medical terminologies, please note that the 4 patients that obituated at ABSUTH presented with 3rd degree full thickness burns as a result of the pipeline inferno. It is common knowledge that 3rd degree full thickness burns comes with a very high mortality index, even in the best facilities around the world, and usually within 72hours of the event. Naturally, even if you needed to move the patients to any other centre of excellence, they still needed to be stabilized. The four patients that died fell into this category. The fifth patient, that hopefully will survive, was one out of the many still out in the woods who felt they would be arrested by the law enforcement agencies and so kept away from the hospitals. She voluntarily turned in herself on the 5th day after the inferno, by which time, infection had set in.

Governor Ikpeazu who has visited the locations twice, has since taken over the training and upkeep of the children of the late Umuimo couple. He also took over the medical bills of the victims and set up a high powered committee to determine the immediate and remote causes of the disaster with a view to preventing future occurrence.

All the casualties from this fire disaster are encouraged to come out of hiding to receive free treatment in our facilities or in private facilities of their choice. ABSG will pay and also protect you from arrest.

A private mission hospital at Aba, living word hospital, received 7 patients including 4 military men who also presented with 3rd degree full thickness burns. The military authorities later removed them to their own facilities. Sadly, we are hearing that we lost them. Just as we lost the remaining patients who were moved to Burns Center in Enugu from Living word Aba by their relatives.

It is unconscionable for anyone to play politics with this unfortunate incident involving high number of casualties that befell us as a state, no matter how high in society. For emphasis, permit me to state that ABSUTH has only received a total of FIVE (5) patients and that much is verifiable by the unscrupulous individuals and politicians who have chosen to play politics with this incident.

ABSUTH has big power generating sets used interchangeably in addition to the active connection to the national grid, when power is available. The clinic has 2 plastic surgeons, including Dr Agu who is one of the best available in the country. Suffice it to state that the patients were treated and nursed in the intensive care unit of that facility.

In August 2018 ABSUTH received medical equipment and supplies worth more than N500m that were shipped from USA. The materials included Intensive Care Unit equipment and this is verifiable by any discerning individual. (See pictures)

At the conclusion of the ongoing investigation on the immediate and remote causes of the inferno we will publish the findings. Suffice it to state that NNPC is responsible for monitoring and protection of their pipelines as well as its regular maintenance.

I would end this piece by appealing to all, including our politicians to exercise restraint in their utterances and actions, especially in grave situations like this involving loss of lives. Politics can not, and should not be played with human lives.

Happy Sunday.


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