Samsung Nigeria uses Apple iPhone to tweet Galaxy Note 9 advert

Samsung’s official twitter account in Nigeria has been caught using a rival Apple iPhone to post a promotional tweet for one of its smarvkjevtphones.

The blunder was spotted by tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee who posted an image of the advert to his 2.99 million Twitter followers.

Marques Brownlee


Might as well add “Twitter police” to my bio at this point 🤦‍♂️

9,777 people are talking about this

The smartphone maker’s Twitter account had been promoting the AMOLED display on the new Galaxy Note 9 mobile, the BBC reports.

The gaffe was revealed when Brownlee spotted that the tweet was stamped with the words “via Twitter for iPhone”, says the broadcaster.  The words were clearly visible in the bottom right hand corner of the tweet.

Since sharing the image yesterday morning, Brownlee’s tweet has gained over 52,000 likes and 8,400 retweets.

Luca Hammer, a Twitter analyst, found that 331 of the past 3,200 tweets from Samsung Nigeria were posted using an iPhone app.

Samsung Nigeria has since deleted its official Twitter profile.

This isn’t the first time Brownlee has called out an account for promoting smartphones using an Apple device.

In April, the YouTuber caught out Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot after she posted an advert for the Chinese smartphone brand Huawei using an iPhone, says CNet.

Gadot, a brand ambassador for Huawei at the time, told the tech news site that she didn’t use an Apple smartphone. The actress claimed that one of her team members had posted the advert using their own iPhone.

“Sometimes I rely on help from my team to post larger videos”, she said, “and that is what happened here.”

US President Donald Trump has also been caught out by eagle-eyed Twitter users, according to the Apple news site 9to5Mac.

In 2016, the website says Trump called on his followers to boycott Apple after reports emerged that the firm’s customers were accidentally bending their iPhone 6s.

Trump’s followers spotted that he had posted the tweet from his iPhone.

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