Buhari’s Alleged Impostor Reportedly Undergoing a Crash Course on Fulani Language

According to inteligent reports from our secret sources in Aso Rock, the “Buhari” in Aso Rock (Jibril Al-Sudani), has been seriously undergoing a crash course on Fulani language. The heat sorounding the unmasking of their “Buhari” has been so much on them that they want to calm nerves by making him come out and address the public in the local Fulani language before February 2019. They have solicited the expert help of the British in helping “Buhari” through their advanced medical technology to facilitate quick absorbtion of the Fulani language.

According to our secret sources, there has has been an alternative arrangement whereby a Fulani insider should be re-modeled as Buhari so that he could speak fluent Fulani and Hausa languages on open press conference. The members of the cabal who initially suggested this second option blamed the others because they initially suggested this but the idea was shoved aside after they believed that they could handle the issue without raising any dust. Moreover, none of them wanted to be a volunteer.

But as this has leaked and taken a very dangerous turn, Abba Kyari volunteered and that’s why he faked illness and was reported ‘dead’ by the heavily paid media few days later.

This second option of Abba Kyari (though undergoing serious plastic surgery in an unknown foreign location) is still being weighed inconslusively in case if the current “Buhari” fails to measure up with the crash course on Fulani Language.

Our source also confirmed that there is real confussion and restlessness in Aso Rock because according to them, they ‘need to put things in order’ before it turns into complete breakdown of law and order in Nigeria as international media and organisations are now interested in this and are trying to dig into this affair which is highly dangerous.

They also vow to make sure that Nnadi Kanu, who leaked this secret, will be eliminated even if it costs the entire 10year budget of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

Stay tuned as more details emerge!

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