Delta lady vomits hard currency notes weeks after losing pants to ‘Yahoo boys’

* As stolen ladies’ pants sell for N250,000

A middle -aged lady  ( name withheld),  allegedly vomited hard currency notes in Warri,  Delta State,  few weeks  after her pants mysteriously got missing.

The incident which occurred around Effurun Market area of Uvwie Local Government Area threw residents into confusion.

Theft of ladies’ pants and undies has been in vogue in Delta State in the recent times.

As soon as the news of the lady vomiting money spread to town, there was frenzy and apprehension as people began to contact their loved ones to alert them of the latest crime wave.

Theft of pants has been associated to ‘ Yahoo boys ‘ who allegedly use them for rituals.

Our recent Investigations showed that one female pants sold for as high asN250,000.

Meanwhile, reports   said the lady was seen vomiting dollars while others said she vomited high denomination of naira notes.

At Effurun market , a lady said it took the extra effort of a Pastor to pray for several hours before the lady stopped vomiting the money.

When pressed for photographs those who gave the story at the market said good neighbors around Ogaga street where the incident allegedly happened covered her face with wrapper while the prayer

“They buy pants and even mobilise people to go steal pants which they buy and use for rituals. The pants cost as high as N250,000”.

Fear of the ‘Yahoo boys ‘ has made some ladies to stop spreading their undies outside according to reports.

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