President Buhari’s Speech At APC Caucus And Avoidable Invitation To Anarchy: By Sir Don Ubani

President Buhari’s Speech At APC Caucus And Avoidable Invitation To Anarchy:
By Sir Don Ubani; KSC, JP, Okwubunka of Asa,
Member, Media & Publicity, PDP Presidential Campaign Organization.
19th February, 2019.

Notice should be taken that there is a clear distinction between Nigeria of 1984 and Nigeria of 2019.

In the former, Nigerians were forced to suffocate under the excruciating weight of military dictatorship. During that inglorious era, Gen Muhammadu Buhari; a known hater of democracy, had prevailed as Nigeria’s Military Head of State, having ruthlessly and undemocratically overthrown a duly elected government of President Shehu Shagari on 31st December, 1983.

In contemporary Nigeria, there is a President Muhammadu Buhari that was elected to preside over the affairs of Nigeria, expectedly guided by Nigeria’s constitution.

The basic difference between Nigeria of 1984 and that of 2019 lies in the absence and presence of constitutionality and the rule of law, respectively.

Under General Buhari; the ruthless military dictator, Nigerians were not surprised hearing such words as ‘ruthlessly’ or ‘with immediate effect’. They managed to stomach them because they knew they were unfortunately in a military dictatorship.

In this era of constitutional democracy, the adverb, ‘ruthlessly’ has no place in its vocabulary. This is because, no matter the circumstance, the Rule of Law is expected to apply.

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In current democratic Nigeria, the law has long anticipated electoral offences and has equally provided enough lawful ways of addressing them.

Sections 29(4) and 31 of the Electoral Act 2010, as amended, anticipate that there could be electoral offences during elections and adequately provide penalties against such offenders.

President Buhari, under Nigeria’s Constitution, has no powers to superimpose his personal sentiments on Nigerians, at the expense of the country’s constitution.

I was one of those who never supported Gen Buhari to become Nigeria’s President. I did it because I knew and still know that the Leopard does not change its spot. A dictator hardly changes and will never become a willing democrat.

While addressing Members of Caucus of his APC yesterday, President Buhari reminded Nigerians that as a former military dictator, he is not prepared to respect the laws of the land.

He openly stated that he has ordered the Military and law enforcement agencies to deal ‘ruthlessly’ with any one caught trying to disrupt the rescheduled February 23 Presidential and National Assembly elections. Worse still, the President warned that anyone trying to snatch ballot boxes ‘will do so at the expense of his life’.

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The above inflammatory utterances only confirm that the President has no regard for the sanctity of human life. No wonder under his rule, Nigeria has witnessed the worst form of human degradation and carnage.

A President, the world over, should be an embodiment of, decency, rule of law and statesmanship. A President should not be associated with language of brutality and crudeness.

In as much as every well meaning citizen of Nigeria will wish to experience a hitch-free election, the President has no right to threaten the lives of Nigerians with extra judicial killings when the laws of the land have already taken care of such human errors or excesses.

I was privileged to watch President Buhari on Television yesterday when he addressed his Party’s Caucus. He looked too ugly, frustrated, embittered, panicky and desperate. In every respect, he looked unpresidential. There was no iota of statesmanship in his mien. I even wondered if Mr President will not be so desperate that he might  order the brutal assassination of the Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission; Prof Mahmood Yakubu, in order to pave way for his marital relation, Mrs Amina Zakari, to take over as Chairman and rig him back to power.

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No matter his level of desperation, Mr President should not bring the Military into Nigeria’s democratic exercise. Asking the Military to shoot people is an avoidable invitation to anarchy.

The Military he has never ordered to crack down on Fulani herdsmen that have killed hundreds of thousand farmers in many parts of Nigeria, should not be ordered to deal ruthlessly with Nigerians in a purely democratic environment.

Meanwhile, I call on the Peoples Democratic Party; PDP, Civil Society Organizations, the International Community, the Media and the Nigerian peoples to remain vigilante. President Buhari and his APC might still create hiccups for INEC against next Saturday’s election. They could do any thing to frustrate the Electoral body in order to achieve their aim of a staggered election.

Sir Don Ubani.

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